Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine

Fukurokuju-sha:"A God of prophets" Car

Festival Float

Its puppets were made in 1676 by Yamabusi,Tamon in who was a resident in Sumiyoshi-chou.Later in 1768,Takeda Jusaburou a puppet operator responsible for manoueuverability gave some changes for the new and better gadgetry.Thus,one Chinese boy beating a drum and another standing on his head with his left hand on a lotus pedestal and ringing a bell with his right hand as he shakes his head.
Boufuri is a rare puppet copying the salt vending man looking ridiculous about that time.
Wakamiya Hachiman shrine's festival is carried out on May 15 and 16 every year,and its Festival Float 'Fukurokuju-sha:"A God of prophets" Car' is cultural assets of Nagoya city.(Fukurokuju is one of Seven of Good luck Gods.)

Wakamiya Hachiman Shrine
35-30 Sakae 3-chome
Naka-ku Nagoya
Phone (052)241-0810


This float was made in 1676(Enpo4)around 312 years ago.The main materials are Hinoki(Japanese cypress), Kashi(Oak) and Keyaki(Zelkova) from Kiso(Nagano pref.)
This float is bulit as two storey Chinese strucure so called Owari typed float.
This float has four puppet as 'KARAKURI-NINGYO' and 'FUKUROKUJU' is a god of this float and he sometimes called-The god incarnated of the star of the south pole so he is in the main place of the float.
The Mizuhiki curteina has patterns with the group of cranes drawned by priest Hogen Baizan in 1835(Tempo)around 153 years ago in the lower parts of the handrail the Great Bear dis-played by jeweires.
This float has another name 'NANKYOKUSEI-SHA'.
The festival car of the star of South pole.

YOSHIBO puppet play 1988